Pass - My debut album

21 Jun

My début album is available as Cassette or download from here:

Pass on Bandcamp

"After a long break, Wrieuw Recordings is delighted to present “Pass” the debut album by Southend based artist Pettaluck, the first solo release by multi instrumentalist Emma Reed. Emma has been a stalwart of the local scene for many years, honing her craft in bands such as Lost Harbours, Ten Tigers and Rock Garden of Chandigahr as well as co-promoting the excellent and vital Culture as a Dare events. It seems Emma has soaked up all these experiences like a sponge and squeezed out an alt pop gem.

In Emma’s own words the album was “conceived and created during a period of intense personal upheaval, and is an exploration of re-finding your identity when all about you are changing theirs. Jumbling together the personal and the global, the profound with the prosaic, this off kilter selection of scruffy pop songs is musically heavily layered but vocally naive. The songs have been fermenting in her mind for several years but the performances were largely improvised in one or two takes.”

Having experienced troubled times through the same period this feels like both Wrieuw and Emma have come full circle and have met at the perfect time. The album manages to be discordant and off kilter but is imbued with heart, soul and more than a little bit of pop nouse. “Pass” feels like a wondrous journey through another world, much like our own, it’s not easy, it can be a bit scary but you are reminded it can be a beautiful and rewarding place."

                           released June 21, 2019                

You can hear a very detailed and dare I say entertaining interview all about it here:

Butterflies and Hurricanes podcast

And here is a frankly un-soundbitable review from the glorious Yeah I Know It Sucks blog

YIKIS Pass review

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